Main activity areas of tiflocentre «VERTICAL»

1. Projecting of the barrier-free space for all disabled people

During its whole work Tiflocentre «Vertical» has been constantly studying the orientation ways of a disabled person (visually-challenged, hearing-impaired and locomotor patients). Moreover, we don’t only engage such people into testing of our goods but we also have blind specialists as staff employees. At the present time we have enough experience to project the barrier-free space ourselves. The specialists of our Project department have developed the Adaptation Manual for public facilities with a large passability (an entrance lobby, a water-closet, a classroom, a school hall, a swimming pool, a public transport stop, etc.). This Manual is completely based on the effective state standards and regulations.

blind and visually-challenged people

2. Development and manufacture of the equipment for the blind and visually-challenged people

Primarily the main activity area of Tiflocentre was manufacture of the equipment for the blind people: tactile plates and Braille books. In course of time the company’s activity has expanded. At the present time Tiflocentre manufactures various types of tactile goods for people with the impaired vision: tactile paving, tactile indicators, tactile-speaking plans, pictograms, tactile training sets, etc.

hearing-impaired people

3. Development and manufacture of equipment for hearing-impaired people

The hearing-impaired people are in a constant need of a loudspeaker mode, but this isn’t always convenient for the surrounding persons. Particularly for this purpose Company «Vertical» manufactures induction systems based on magnetic waves. Switching on the deaf hearing aid in “T” mode a hearing-impaired person may easily get the required information without any inconveniences to other people.

Equipment for wheel chair users and locomotor patients

4. Equipment for wheel chair users and locomotor patients.

We suggest the equipment not only for the people with muscle-skeleton disorders, but also for the ones with limited mobility (pregnant women, elderly people with heavy luggage, etc.). Company Vertical manufactures a wide range of support rails to be installed on the stairs and in water closets as well as entrance ramps of various modifications to get over the height.

Facilities for development of inclusive education

5. Facilities for development of inclusive education

Nowadays Tiflocentre «Vertical» is actively supporting inclusive education in our country. Our specialists have developed the unique training displays: Alphabet, Arithmetic, Animals, Seasons, etc. Every tactile-interactive displays is equipped with 3 ways of information perception: a picture, tactile surface and a sound. That’s why they can be used not only in pre-schools but also in the children’s playroom. Moreover, Tiflocentre specialists have developed universal tactile sets with figures and letters in several languages.

6. Universal equipment for several categories of disabled people

Programme “Accessible environment” provides barrier-free movement and getting of information by all categories of people. Namely that’s why our company is aimed at the development and manufacture of universal equipment. One of our such innovations is «SurdoCentre». This is a visually-acoustic indicator panel to transfer the information for long distances for all people, including totally deaf, blind and visually-challenged ones. One more unique facility is our tactile-sensoric terminal TACTILE-VERT, developed in a protective case, and having software INFO-VERT. The basic configuration has function “Contrast” and “Magnifying glass” for visually-challenged people, an adaptive menu (below) for managing the terminal by a wheel chair user and also a voice reporting system.

Specially for totally blind people the menu buttons are equipped with the Braille’s system, and a hearing loop for the hearing-impaired ones.

Having had great success and patented several unique goods, Tiflocentre «Vertical» isn’t satisfied with the achieved results. The team of Tiflocentre specialists works daily over improvement of the goods and the development of new universal facilities for adaptation of the social environment.

Tiflocenter «Vertical» works so that the disabled people could develop as well as the others, and the notion “a disabled person” could be an archaism!