Dirt-resistant tactile coating TIFLOFLOOR-10

TIFLOFLOOR-10 - a modern invention of Tiflocentre Vertical, being a modular tactile dirt-resistant coating. This is a universal solution not only to provide access to visually impaired people but also to make possible to keep the entrance unit clean.

Assistance alarm

The dirt-resistant coatings contain frost-resistant PVC with an elastic cellular structure and installed tactile indicators (D25 mm).

The application of such coatings makes possible to solve the following tasks:

  • To provide an anti-slip coating for entrance units;
  • To provide shoes’ cleaning with further dirt collection in special cells;
  • To make the facility accessible for the blind and visually impaired people;
  • To avoid problems with tactile paving mounting;
  • To avoid problems with daily cleaning of the tactile paving surface;

We supply dirt-resistant coatings in sheets and rolls. As coatings are of small elasticity, they are manufactured oversized. If required, we can frame the coating into a special aluminum casing, making possible to fix it firmly on different types of the surface.