Audio-tactile map (tactile-speaking plan)

According to statistics only 5-7% of the totally blind persons possess the Braille reading process. Having studied this problem, Tiflocentre Vertical has developed and implemented in manufacture a new device – an audio-tactile map (a mnemonic diagram).

An audio-tactile map (the facility layout) is a perfect device that can transfer the information about environment in a visual, tactile and sound way. The patented invention of Vertical LLC has been already duly appreciated by the blind people from Russia and CIS states.

Tactile-speaking plan

Apart from standard tactile maps this device may be easily used by any visitor, including visually impaired people. It has a common structure, being different in the facilities of application: entrance units, a water-closet, a park, an underground passage, a public transport stop, etc.

Tactile-speaking plan

This innovation has made possible the following:

  • Getting new information about the examined enviornment in two accessible ways: sensory, providing a graphic geometric representation, and an acoustic one with verbal description of the routes and obstacles on them;
  • Personal use of the mnemonic diagram by the blind people, not possessing the Braille reading process;
  • Use of the data device by all categories of citizens;

Tactile-speaking plan

The application of the audio-tactile maps during the adaptation of social infrastructure facilities raises a lot the status and accessibility of such facilities, laying emphasis on advertency to the problems of people with limited mobility. Moreover, one of important functions of the audio-tactile map is its possible simultaneous adaptation to several foreign languages.