Tactile (volumetric) portraits and Tiflomarker

Tactile portraits of the greatest historical figures are the innovative developing of Tiflocentre “Vertical”.

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Today there are 25 famous people in our volumetric portraits range: writers, politicians, inventors, cosmonauts. The whole list of persons was made based on the survey of completely blind people. All volumetric portraits are manufactured from hypo-allergenic plastic using vacuum fabrication method with applying of Brail script.

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Under the volumetric image there is a full-color portrait of a famous figure. All the images proportionally are as close to the original faces as it is possible.

In addition, using Tiflomarker you can record cognitive information about historical figure on Tiflomark and stick it to the portrait. Thus you can get a quick access to the necessary information: you just need to hold the device in “Tiflomarker”-mode up to the mark.

Tactile (volumetric) portraits

“Tiflomarker” is designed to recognize by blind people objects of identical shape or different packaging at home, at work, at educational and cultural institutions using tentatively recorded voice messages.

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