Induction systems

Tactile tape

To adapt the room for hearing-impaired people special induction systems are used, operated by the formation of a magnetic field. Tiflocentre Vertical has been manufacturing such devices based on high-quality European complementary parts. This equipment is intended for adaptation of environment for hearing-impaired people under the programme “Accessible environment”. To hear better the collocutor’s speech it is enough to turn on the hearing aid into a “T” mode.

Our manufacturing company produces portable (compact) induction systems as well as stationary ones:

Portable induction loop

A portable induction loop has a strong induction field and is equipped with an integral battery. It is recommended for application in crowded areas in the confined spaces in case of available obstacles between the collocutors. Some models are equipped with MP3 files playback mode;

Induction transport loop

A stationary induction loop is developed for application at social-important facilities with large space areas: an assembly hall, a classroom, a waiting room, etc.;

Stationary induction loop

An induction transport loop is intended for the environment adaptation in any mode of transport. The model improves information provision and it is also safe for hearing impaired people. Due to that system a hearing-impaired person gets duly and available information about public transport stops and route directions.

One of the most important advantages of our induction systems is their ease of application and high quality.